Breaking Down The Barriers That Stand Between Women and Amazing Outdoor Adventures.





About Us

My name is Rachael and I am building a community for women to come together, to gain knowledge, and ultimately get out into the wild with confidence and the needed skills to safely enjoy the outdoors. As a woman I have been surrounded by outdoor men and was sometimes included but not fully. As a mother, it was expected that I ensure the man was able to get outdoors to hunt, fish and adventure. I always wanted to be fully immersed in these outdoor activities, not an occasional guest. I hadn’t yet realized that my value and worth meant I had an equal right to pursue these outdoor activities as well. I wanted to learn but was literally rejected when I asked men to teach me. I missed out on years of enjoying the things I wanted so badly. It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I met someone willing to help me get out and adventure on a large scale. I have heard similar stories from so many other women. I want to make a change; give women confidence by offering community, education and encouragement.


The mission of Powerful Outdoor Women is to build a community that empowers women with skills and confidence to get out, be safe, and be successful in the outdoors.

Powerful Outdoor Women is a mission of the heart, a passion to empower women with confidence to venture into the great outdoors and nature to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. We hope to encourage, inspire, educate, and support countless women on their journey into the wild. P.O.W. is a community for ladies to come together and bond while they learn from each other and prepare to get out and embark on their outdoor adventures. Our desire is for leagues of women to feel limitless and to pass on their skills, knowledge, and confidence for generations to come.

Our Promise to you:

  • We are a family
  • We empower women by encouraging and teaching
  • We educate each other by sharing our life experiences
  • We stand up for each other
  • We support conservation and outdoor sports
  • We pass on our knowledge and confidence to future generations of outdoor women
Programs & Events
Women’s Only Pistol Fundamentals
Kalispell, MT
March 3rd 2pm-8pm
By Flathead Firearms Handling

This course will cover; 

Firearm safety, pistol parts and functions, loading and unloading, guidance on selecting the right pistol for you, stance and grip, aiming, trigger control, breathing, clearing malfunctions, carry options and more. 

The first two hours of this class involves lots of hands-on practice with no live fire. The second half will give you the opportunity to implement what you’ve learned with stationary live fire at the range.

Women's Only Defensive Pistol
Kalispell, MT
March 10th 2pm-8pm

By Flathead Firearms Handling

This course is designed for those looking to become highly proficient in safe weapon handling and the practical application of self-defense inside and outside the home. This is an intermediate level class.

Intro to Long Range Shooting
(for Women only)

This course will cover;

    • Precision rifle fundamentals
    • Exterior ballistics (the trajectory of the bullet)
    • How to compensate for the drop of the bullet
    • Wind reading and compensation
    • How to create a ballistic solution using accessories like;
      • Laser rangefinders, ballistics apps, wind meter, Kestrel weather instruments
Group Hike to Summit of Mt. Aeneas
(for Women only)
    • 6.0 mile out and back hike
    • 1781’ Elevation gain
    • Reach summit at 7510 feet above sea level
    • 23 miles east of Kalispell in the Jewel Basin area of Flathead National Forest

It’s women helping women. A community. A place to meet like minded people, learn from them, be inspired by them, and even go adventuring with them.

Any girl or woman that is interested in learning more about outdoor activities. Whether you are an avid sportswoman that is always wanting to learn more and try new things, or a lady that has never ventured into the outdoors and has no idea where to start.

(Programs & Events – link)

The goal of P.O.W. is for women to gain confidence to get outdoors. In the process, we think you will gain a bunch of knowledge and friendships of like-minded ladies.

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Value Worth Holding Onto
February 17, 2024

Friends walking through the street heading back from the market, hearts light, mood jovial, not a care in the world! Sipping on hot tea and espresso, talking about things with a perspective and goal of just heading back to the little cottage to change and head out to the hot springs.

Earlier sitting in the room deep in conversation on how moms don’t understand just how valuable they are and what events lead up to that mental state. Was it something they always thought, well no. Was it a spouse beating them down with words intentionally to dominate? That’s a thing, although not often the case in a healthy relationship, it’s important to address as well. Or is it that the moment they conceived, grew a child in their womb, gave birth, and began raising these gifts from God called children, the value started to slip….


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It doesn’t matter how much grit and determination you have, how much natural ability, or even if you were blessed with amazing physical genes, your body needs proper nutrition to perform. And, what separates the average from the extraordinary, is being prepared and taking the extra steps for success.

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