POW is teaming up with Rebecca Rouse at Semper Stronger.

Get On The Mountain is a 9-week, 6x/week training program designed to give you the strength, stability, and stamina needed to safely and effectively get on the mountain. The program was created by Rebecca Rouse of Semper Stronger, and inspired by Iron Rach of Powerful Outdoor Women

There are 3 strength workouts, one high-intensity conditioning workout, and two low-intensity cardiovascaular workouts (zone 2 cardio and rucking) per week, plus one complete rest day. Each scheduled workout will include a dynamic warm-up to prepare the body for that day’s training session.

There will be gradual progressions (reps) week-to-week, and progressions in exercise selection (strength workouts) and time/distance (cardiovascular workouts) every 3 weeks.

Required equipment: barbell and plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, sandbag, pull-up bar, box or bench, rucksack or weighted vest.